Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Lone Star Lights, a 1 million+ light, immersive experience will brighten the Houston Area this Christmas season. You and your entire family are invited to explore and discover over 17 acres filled with unique interactive experiences,  performances, zip lines, high adventure parks, sledding in the snow, Santa’s Gingerbread Village, the bustling town of Bethlehem, and so much more. 

Lone Star Lights offers a-17 acre park with 8 immersive thematic zones complete with incredible photo opportunities, engaging interactions, and over a million lights. Local food and retail vendors will enhance this dynamic community-oriented experience. Lone Star Lights will offer the perfect environment for Christmas memories to be made.

Lone Star Lights Tickets, Passes and Reservations are non-refundable. Lone Star Lights does not offer cancellations, refunds, rain checks or exchanges. Please be sure you have selected the correct date, the correct tickets and the correct number of tickets before completing your purchase.

Upon ticket purchase, we ask that our guest’s agree to these terms and conditions that include the refund policy.

Reservations for Lone Star Lights are final. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Guest Services by emailing with your order number and request and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  

Park hours & park operating days are subject to change without notice. Ticket prices and ticket options are subject to change without notice. Admission to the park may be denied due to park capacity. In the event of mechanical failure or inclement weather, Lone Star Lights may close any of the attractions without notice.

2022 Dates

Friday, November 25

Saturday, November 26

Sunday, November 27

Friday, December 2

Saturday, December 3

Sunday, December 4

Friday, December 9

Saturday, December 10

Sunday, December 11

Thursday, December 15

Friday, December 16

Saturday, December 17

Sunday, December 18

Monday, December 19

Tuesday, December 20

Wednesday, December 21

Thursday, December 22

Hours of Operation

Lone Star Lights Park: 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Dinner Theatre: Doors open at 5:30pm

Dessert Theatre: Doors open at 4:30pm

Overnight Lodging

– Check-in: 5:30pm

– Check-out: 9:00am

Any items lost or found within Lone Star Lights should be brought to the attention of any team member. Guest Services may also be contacted to arrange pick-up of a lost item. Lost and Found will keep items no longer than 30 days.

Please notify the nearest Lone star Lights team member of a lost child. Lost guests will be brought to Guest Services at the front of the park in Winter Wonderland.

In case of an emergency, immediately notify any Lone Star Lights team member who will then contact the appropriate emergency personnel.

The Health Center is located adjacent to the Arctic Adventures Zip alley, next to Fractal Forest.

Lone Star Lights has extensive asphalt roads, walkways, and crushed gravel areas. Guest should wear comfortable shoes and/or boots. Boots may be preferable in damp or wet conditions. Lone Star Lights encourages festive attire, however full costumes or character impersonators are not permitted. These may serve to confuse or scare guests and detract from the Lone Star Lights Experience.  Guests’ who arrive in full costume could be refused entry into the park or asked to exit the park. This includes, but is not limited to, costumes for Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, the Grinch, and any other attire deemed as inappropriate by management. 

The following items are not permitted at Lone Star Lights at any time:

  • Fireworks and explosives
  • Open carry firearms and ammunition
  • Magic markers, spray paint and aerosol cans
  • Lawn chairs and folding chairs
  • Glass bottles
  • Large knives
  • Spiked clothing or jewelry
  • Wallet chains and large jewelry
  • Chemical weapons, including mace and pepper spray
  • Barbeques or grills
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

By entering the park, guests grant Lone Star Lights/Carolina Creek Christian Camps permission to film, video, record or photograph them on park property for any reason without payment or consideration. Lone Star Lights/Carolina Creek Christian Camps requests that all photographs or video taken by our guests be used for their personal use and enjoyment only. Any use, reuse or reproduction for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Lone Star Lights/Carolina Creek Christian Camps is strictly prohibited. Lone Star Lights/Carolina Creek Christian Camps reserves the right to refuse to allow photography of any kind as necessary at individual locations. No commercial photography of any kind is permitted.

All Lone Star Lights shows and attractions are protected by copyright. Guests must have written permission to use photographs and/or videotape of Lone Star Lights images for commercial broadcasting, advertising, marketing or publishing in any medium.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests, Lone Star Lights prohibits the operation or use of any unmanned aerial vehicle on, from, or above Lone Star Lights/Carolina Creek Christian Camps premises absent specific written consent. This includes all UAVs, also commonly known as “drones,” regardless of their size, weight or purpose.

Guests who do not have a VIP wristband and wish to leave the park and plan to return must get their hand stamped before they leave the park at the exit. When guests return to the park, they must enter through the re-entry gate with a proper hand stamp.

Animals are not allowed in the park, with the exception of service animals used by the hearing and visually impaired, or other individuals with special needs. For the health and safety of your pet, do not leave it in your car for any length of time while visiting the park. If you leave a pet in your car, Lone Star Lights will call Animal Services to rescue your pet at your expense, which may also result in prosecution.

Smoking at Lone star Lights is only allowed in our designated outdoor smoking areas. Guests may ask any Lone Star Lights team member for the locations of these areas. All smoking restrictions extend to e-cigarettes and similar products.

Food, beverages or coolers may not be brought into the park. The only exceptions are for allergy restrictions and infant food.

Guest and team member safety at Lone Star Lights are our primary concern. Guests entering Lone Star Lights will be subject to bag inspection, as well as other protocols deemed by security staff members. Lone Star Lights reserves the right to inspect all packages, purses, backpacks and fanny packs prior to entering the park. For quicker entry, please consider limiting bags and purses or opting for clear baggage. Open carry handguns, other weapons and illegal contraband are not permitted into the park. Please leave any unnecessary articles in your vehicle to expedite your entry. Lone Star Lights will not be responsible for items left in vehicles.

Security officers and uniformed security patrol are stationed throughout the park and roam each day of the season. In the case of a security incident, notify a Lone Star Lights team member and/or the nearest uniformed officer. The Walker County Sheriff’s Office will be on hand at all times during park operation to assist in guest safety and traffic management.

Because Lone star Lights is a family park, we expect guests to behave appropriately. Unruly, disruptive or offensive behavior, including line-jumping and profanity, is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Violating our park policies may be cause for ejection from the park without refund.

No, a photo purchase is not required to visit Santa in his workshop. Guests of all ages are welcome to stop by and visit with Santa in his home workshop in Santa’s Cabin located in Gingerbread Square. A photo opportunity will be available where a friendly Lone Star Lights team member will take a studio-quality photo with our camera system. Feel free to ask them to snap a photo with your phone if you’d like- we want you and your guests to make memories together!

Yes! The Lone Star Lights park covers 17 acres, with the majority of it on concrete or asphalt pathways. Guests are welcome to bring their own strollers or wagons. Please be advised, strollers/wagons are subject to inspection at the gates for security purposes.

The Lone Star Lights park has a multitude of activities and attractions for guests of all ages. The average time a guest should expect to spend in the park is between 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours. Guests who choose to participate in Arctic Adventures or Dinner Theatre should plan to stay longer. 

Participants for the Aerial Course, Zip Line or Quick Flight Arctic Adventures must meet the following requirements:

  • Weight: 33lb minimum – 300lb maximum

  • Height: 48″ or taller

  • Age: 5-9 w/adult, 10+ independent

  • Must fit into a harness (Multiple sizes available)

Yes! Our vegan/gluten-free menu is:

Starter: Garden Salad

Appetizer: Baked Potato Soup with a roasted potato parmesan crisp.

Entrée: Butternut Squash Ravioli served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and Haricot green beans with red bell pepper

Dessert: Fresh Fruit Cup

Lone Star Lights is a walking experience and does not allow any vehicles into the park except for emergency services. 
Most of the park is wheelchair accessible via asphalt and concrete. There are a few areas that go into the grass, but as long as it’s not raining, should still be able to allow a wheelchair to pass through.